We are a team of award-winning social entrepreneurs, data scientists, sustainability experts and design thinkers. We believe collaboration is vital to achieving our vision and integral in addressing the climate crisis.

We are distributed across Europe, but our beating heart is in Bristol, UK.

We target the real problems that businesses face and tackle them with simplicity, affordability and scalability in mind. All company decisions are made with the natural world as a primary stakeholder.

We have been supported by an experienced team of technology and impact investors, who share our sense of urgency to increase climate accountability and drive action from businesses.

We are surrounded by a wealth of expert advisors who continue to guide us in building the product to radically accelerate the journey to net zero for millions of businesses. We partner with academic institutions and climate experts to ensure our methodology meets the latest thinking and standards.

We were awarded grant funding through Innovate UK’s Sustainable Innovation Fund in 2020.

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